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The ICT Director is responsible for all tasks related to installation, maintenance and management of the computer network to meet the needs of curricula and administrative tasks. He ensures the network is consistently available and operating effectively during working hours and employs the necessary backup procedures. He performs regular maintenance procedures and makes sure the necessary security measures are taken. The ICT Director is responsible for managing the communication, workstation and servers of the computer network. He makes sure all software is licensed and updated to meet the needs of the board. In summary:

1. Maintains and develops Board’s website in line with communications

2. Set-up and manage the Board’s network infrastructure, servers and workstations.

3. Provide advice on networking, purchasing to the Executive Secretary and any relevant contractor.

4. Ensure that the network is operational during access hours and appropriate backup protocols are implemented.

5. Responsible for managing a regular ICT maintenance programme and resolving failures in hardwares and software.

6. Provide assistance and advice to parents and students on computer related issues.

ICT Supervisor

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