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An administrative Director is responsible for the administrative operational and financial support of an organisation. The duties of an administrative Director include long term strategic planning overseeing daily operations, delegating task to staff and managing personnel.

1. Ensuring that policies and procedures are followed by all departments within the organisation.

2. Ensuring that the department has adequate resources to perform its functions effectively.

3. Coordinating activities between departments to ensure efficient workflow within the organisation.

4. Managing administrative staff, including hiring, firing, training and appraising performance.

5. Responsible for managing the organisation’s human resources functions, including hiring new employee developing employee training programs and administering employee benefits programs

6. Organising meetings and events to promote awareness of the organisation’s mission, increase membership and raise fund.

7. Managing an organisations financial assets and liabilities, including developing budgets and setting financial goals for the organisation.

8. Preparing reports on the organisation’s financial status.

AG. Alhaji Abdulrahman Galadima

Director Administration and Supplies

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