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The Borno State Scholarship Board was established by Edit No.3 of 1989 which became effective as an autonomous body on 13th day of April,1989. The Board was saddled with the responsibility of conducting interviews for students for scholarship award and disbursement of allowances to all eligible candidates of Borno State indigenes who gained admission into institutions of higher learning in the country and across the globe. The Board is composed of three (3) Directorates namely:

a. Administration and Supplies

b. Finance and Accounts

c. Planning, Research and Statistics

The entire Board was made up of four (4) blocks of 22 offices, a conference room, an archive store and an Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Centre.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to sponsor and provide equal opportunities for quality higher Education to Borno State indigenes with the zeal to promote effective manpower for human, economics, educational and infrastructural development of Borno State and Nigeria as a country.


Our vision is to provide equal opportunity to quality higher education for all Borno State indigenes across the globe.


  1. To hold, acquire and dispose of any moveable and immoveable property.
  2. To lay down terms and conditions for the grant of scholarships and conducts of persons to whom a scholarship is awarded.
  3. To issue advertisement and invite applications for the award of scholarships.
  4. To conduct interviews of applications for the award of scholarships with a view to determining the suitability of such applications.
  5. To request for prospectus and other relevant information from institutions of higher learning within and outside Nigeria.
  6. To vary and cancel, at any time, an award of scholarships where it deems proper.
  7. To liaise with any government establishments, institutions of learning any other body or person on matters relating to the award of scholarships.
  8. To print or publish such reports or information on matters relating to the award of scholarships.
  9. To promote or undertake any other activities that in the opinion of the Board is calculated to help achieve the purpose of the board.
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